VertiShear in the News

July 2015 - AO&G Reporter - Editor's Choice Technology Article

"Technology Provides Lower-Cost Option For Multicomponent Imaging"

Mar 2015 - AAPG Explorer - SV-P Editorial Expose´

"Utilizing the SV Mode, Getting More Bang for Your P-Wave" by Louise S. Durham

Feb 2015 - 3D Seismic Symposium - VertiShear Permian Basin Case Study

"SV-P Imaging of Wolfberry Unconventional Reservoirs" by Bob Hardage

July 2014 - DrillingInfo Blog - White Paper Discussing VertiShear Technology

"Evaluating Reservoirs with Low-Cost Multicomponent Seismic Data" by Bob Hardage

June 2014 - EAGE Conference - Halliburton's VertiShear Application

"Vertical Seismic Profile S-S Imaging with Vertical Vibrators" by Bruce Cornish

June 2014 - Press Release - FairfieldNodal is First to Offer VertiShear Technology

May 2014 - Interpretation Journal - 3 Peer-reviewed Papers on VertiShear Technology

"Generating direct-S modes with simple, low-cost, widely available seismic sources"

"SV-P: An ignored seismic mode that has great value for interpreters"

"S-S imaging with vertical-force sources"

by Bob Hardage, Don Wagner, & Diana Sava (Contact us to obtain copies of these papers)

Mar 2014 - AAPG Explorer - 3D Seismic Symposium Write-up

VertiShear Technology mentioned as “breakthrough concept” by Randy Ray

Feb 2014 - 3D Seismic Symposium - VertiShear Technology Unveiling by Bob Hardage

"Evaluating Unconventional Reservoirs with Low-cost Multicomponent Seismic Data"

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