Removing the Cost Barriers Associated with Multi-component Seismic Imaging

As the Oil & Gas Industry continues to explore higher-risk sources of hydrocarbons, multi-component seismic analysis provides valuable insights for drilling and production decisions. Lithology identification, fracture orientations, stress field characterizations, and fluid discrimination are all vital bits of information that become available when combining shear wave data with conventional P-wave data. Existing methods for acquiring multicomponent seismic data are very expensive and time consuming.

VertiShear Technology unlocks multi-component seismic benefits from legacy 1C library data, and expands 3C data to become 9C data from a single vertical force source acquisition, thus allowing Oil & Gas Companies to dramatically improve their production decisions without incurring the traditional multicomponent high costs.

Delivering proprietary new shear wave data into the hands of Oil & Gas Producers at greatly reduced costs when compared to existing methods to help them make better drilling and production decisions

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